If you're stressed or anxious the whole world can seem overwhelming.


Maybe each day is a battle because of a work or family situation. You might have a study or work deadline that makes your stomach churn.


Perhaps you're dealing with a death or break up and the grief seems overwhelming.


Or maybe the anxiety is coming from within. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of making a fool of yourself, fear of being laughed at or pushed around.


If you haven't yet found a way to deal with your stress or anxiety, then it may have begun to show itself in repetitive thoughts or behaviours. Drinking, smoking, over-eating, over-exercising, hair pulling, internet or facebook addicition, fear of socialising, fear of being seen. These are all manifestations of stress and anxiety.


The good news is that Hypnosis is WONDERFUL for these issues. Not only can it have long lasting benefits on the way you feel about yourself, and about your life, the hypnosis itself feels amazing while it's happening. An anxious and stressed mind LOVES being given a chance to finally relax, deeply and easily.


If you are one of those people who thinks they 'should' be able to cope and they 'shouldn't' feel anxious or stressed because other people have harder lives, then please stop 'shoulding' on yourself! It's ok to admit that life sucks at the moment, just as it's ok to get help to make your life happier and more peaceful.


If you're already seeing a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist about these issues, that's great. Keep doing that. But ask yourself this. Do you feel wonderfully relaxed and positive after seeing your doctor? If not, Hypnosis can support that good work you're already doing with your doctor by adding a wonderful, relaxing and healing experience to your week.


You can find out more about what happens in a hypnosis session on the about page.
Or you can contact me to arrange for a free phone chat about how hypnosis can help you.


Download a free Riverbank Relaxation Hypnosis Recording
Download a free Riverbank Relaxation Hypnosis Recording
Upcoming Hypnosis Classes and Workshops
Upcoming Hypnosis Classes and Workshops

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