If you're stressed or anxious the whole world can seem overwhelming.


Maybe each day is a battle because of a work or family situation. You might have a study or work deadline that makes your stomach churn.


Perhaps you're dealing with a death or break up and the grief seems overwhelming.


Or maybe the anxiety is coming from within. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of making a fool of yourself, fear of being laughed at or pushed around.


If you haven't yet found a way to deal with your stress or anxiety, then it may have begun to show itself in repetitive thoughts or behaviours. Drinking, smoking, over-eating, over-exercising, hair pulling, internet or facebook addicition, fear of socialising, fear of being seen. These are all manifestations of stress and anxiety.


The good news is that Hypnosis is WONDERFUL for these issues. Not only can it have long lasting benefits on the way you feel about yourself, and about your life, the hypnosis itself feels amazing while it's happening. An anxious and stressed mind LOVES being given a chance to finally relax, deeply and easily.


If you are one of those people who thinks they 'should' be able to cope and they 'shouldn't' feel anxious or stressed because other people have harder lives, then please stop 'shoulding' on yourself! It's ok to admit that life sucks at the moment, just as it's ok to get help to make your life happier and more peaceful.


If you're already seeing a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist about these issues, that's great. Keep doing that. But ask yourself this. Do you feel wonderfully relaxed and positive after seeing your doctor? If not, Hypnosis can support that good work you're already doing with your doctor by adding a wonderful, relaxing and healing experience to your week.


You can find out more about what happens in a hypnosis session on the about page.
Or you can contact me to arrange for a free phone chat about how hypnosis can help you.


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Weighted Blankets on sale for Mothers Day

A picture of weighted blankets in my Hypnotherapy and Wellness clinic in Gorge Rd, Trevallyn, Launceston, Tasmania.

Mother's Day is fast approaching. Does a woman in your life need a some calm and relaxation?


A weighted blanket is one of the nicest and most natural ways to relax. I have put together some great value bundles. If you'd like to know more, contact me or drop by the clinic in Gorge Rd, Trevallyn (just 5 minutes drive from the centre of Launceston). Message me first, if you want to be sure the the clinic will be open, as our door is often shut when we are seeing clients. 

While stocks last I have 3kg, 5kg, 7kg, 9kg and 10kg blankets, each with a removable Minki cover and a BONUS summer cotton cover. Prices range from $150 for the 3kg blanket (perfect for kids or your lap) to $260 for the 10kg blanket which is big enough to cover a king sized bed! These bundles are great value. 



If you have any questions, just email me at louise@awakenhypnosis.com

Is it time to cut back on your drinking?

Have you been drinking a bit too much lately? Struggling to wind down in the evenings without a glass or two?


Hypnotherapy can help with that. But first you need to know why you want to cut back or cut out alcohol all together. Here are some of the reasons I've been hearing from clients lately:


* I pick fights with my partner

* I make phone calls that I can't remember the next day

* I feel too tired to exercise the next day

* Work feels much harder the next day

* I'm gaining weight

* I can't be the parent I want to be

* I have no motivation to do anything in the evenings

* It's costing too much money

* I'm setting a bad example to the kids

* I know it's damaging my liver

* I worry about alcohol-induced dementia

* The dog isn't getting walked.

* I can't drive when I drink

* I wake up with bruises

And many more!



If you'd like to give Hypnotherapy a try, please contact me or book online. If you worry that you may be physically addicted (eg, you suffer from physical symptoms if you go too long without a drink) then please contact me before booking so that we can make sure you have medical support while quitting. Any questions? Just email me at louise@awakenhypnosis.com

Hypnosis, Nutrition and Massage in Trevallyn, Launceston

Awaken Hypnosis in beautiful Trevallyn is not just the home of my Hypnotherapy Practice, it's also home to two other therapists/clinicians with their own specialities. To find out more about each, or to make a booking, please contact them directly.


Lori Hrycyszyn,

Clinic Nutritionist

Bookings via www.mtknutrition.com or 0418 796 560



Stephanie Hielscher

Massage Therapist

Bookings via Adore Massage or 0419 023 254


And of course, you can book in with me for Hypnotherapy:

Louise White

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Bookings online or 6700 0350

Open to see clients face-to-face once more

Welcome back everyone! Little by little, things are slowly getting back to normal. I've open for face-to-face appointments again. It feels good to be back in the chair.


The layout of the clinic means that there is more than enough space for social distancing. Each office has their own extractor fan always running (because it used to be a medical clinic) and its own heatpump bringing in fresh air. 

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Hypnosis at home or wherever you are

Staying home, cocooning, being safe - all of these things sound relaxing, but our problems don't just evaporate because we're all at home. Hypnosis is still available to you, via phone, Zoom or Skype, to work on any issue at all from confidence and phobias to smoking, over eating and drinking too much. If you'd like to know more about accessing Hypnosis online, email me on louise@awakenhypnosis.com 


I can't wait to get back into my clinic and see people face-to-face, but that could be months away, so don't put off resolving your issues until then, Hypnosis over the phone or via Zoom/Skype can be just as effective as in-person, or even more so as you can drift off to sleep in the comfort of your own home after a relaxing Hypnosis session!

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