Awaken Hypnosis & Coaching offers the benefits of hypnotherapy in a tranquil setting in Launceston, Tasmania.


Hypnosis can be used to improve just about any aspect of your life. Reducing stress, improving your work or school performance, improving your sleep, boosting your confidence, dealing with unresolved emotional issues and phobias, losing weight, and quitting smoking are just a few of the ways it can help.


Hypnosis works because it ends the struggle between what our conscious mind wants, and what our subconscious mind actually drives us to do.


Clinical hypnotherapy is a relaxing and effective way to resolve these inner conflicts and change your life for the better. 



Weighted Blankets and blue light blocking glasses now in Launceston

Weighted blankets are a great way to continue that deeply relaxed, Hypnotised feeling at home. I use with them with clients in every Hypnotherapy session now. They lower stress and anxiety, and improve the quality of your sleep.  Until now they were only available online, so you had to invest  in a blanket (sometimes up to $400!) without knowing what style or weight would actually feel good to you. Now you can try one out in Launceston in  Hypnotherapy session, or just by making a short appointment with me to try a few for yourself.

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Weighted Blankets now in Launceston at Awaken Hypnosis

Have you ever tried a weighted blanket? They feel amazing! They're designed to lower stress and anxiety, and improve the quality of your sleep.  Now you can try one out in Launceston, rather that buying sight unseen online.

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Free Mini-Hypnosis sessions at the House of Prana Open Day

Awaken  Hypnosis at the House of Prana Launceston
House of Prana, 127 George St Launceston

Sunday 16th September 2018

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Weight loss Hypnosis - does it really work? A tale of 3 clients...

Hypnosis is great for weight loss but it's not always straightforward. If you're curious about the kinds of results you might see, and how I approach weight loss with my clients, keep reading!


Client 1

"My family calls you the wizard", I heard from a beautiful client in Launceston this week. We both agreed it was better than being called a witch! The reason? She has lost 11cm from her waist and 9cm from her chest in just over a month. (We high fived!) She told me she now had amazing 'won't power' and had found it effortless to say no to the cakes and chocolate in her workplace.

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