Is it time to cut back on your drinking?

Have you been drinking a bit too much lately? Struggling to wind down in the evenings without a glass or two?


Hypnotherapy can help with that. But first you need to know why you want to cut back or cut out alcohol all together. Here are some of the reasons I've been hearing from clients lately:


* I pick fights with my partner

* I make phone calls that I can't remember the next day

* I feel too tired to exercise the next day

* Work feels much harder the next day

* I'm gaining weight

* I can't be the parent I want to be

* I have no motivation to do anything in the evenings

* It's costing too much money

* I'm setting a bad example to the kids

* I know it's damaging my liver

* I worry about alcohol-induced dementia

* The dog isn't getting walked.

* I can't drive when I drink

* I wake up with bruises

And many more!



If you'd like to give Hypnotherapy a try, please contact me or book online. If you worry that you may be physically addicted (eg, you suffer from physical symptoms if you go too long without a drink) then please contact me before booking so that we can make sure you have medical support while quitting. Any questions? Just email me at