Open to see clients face-to-face once more

Welcome back everyone! Little by little, things are slowly getting back to normal. I've open for face-to-face appointments again. It feels good to be back in the chair.


The layout of the clinic means that there is more than enough space for social distancing. Each office has their own extractor fan always running (because it used to be a medical clinic) and its own heatpump bringing in fresh air. 

It's just myself and MTK Nutrition here, so the waiting room is never crowded (most clients come straight into their appointments, so it's actually usually empty!) I have hand sanitiser and I'm disinfecting between clients.


You are welcome to wear a mask if you feel more comfortable doing so. Of course, I ask that if you have any cold or flu symptoms, have been asked by a professional to self-isolate, or have been around anyone who meets that criteria in the last two weeks, that you wait until you are completely in the clear before coming to see me.


You can make appointments on 03 6700 0350 or via