Testimonials from Happy Clients



Below are comments from just some of my happy clients. My clients rely on me to maintain their confidentiality and so full client names have been withheld to protect their privacy.


Facial Tics in a Child

She has had such a massive improvement already! So Thankyou so very very much. 

Terri, January 2024


Social Anxiety

Hi Louise, I just wanted to say thank you. Since my session on Wednesday I have noticed a huge shift in myself. I feel so much calmer, my mind feels less busy and clearer and I am seeing things so much more positively. I honestly haven't felt like this in as long as I can remember. Thank you. 

Sarah, November 2023


Anxiety and Feeling Stuck

I felt it definitely made a difference - as if my brain was being tweaked to behave in a better way. Thanks for the work you have done so far. In two sessions you really shifted the unsafe/anxious feelings I was experiencing. So thank you so much for that. It was definitely beneficial.

Jen, June 2023


Quitting Smoking

Hey Louise!  just wanted to pass on my gratitude for the quit smoking session you ran with me. It’s been 30 days smoke free today and $982 dollars saved! Just wanted to thank you so much for helping me quit and improve my life. I’ve told a few people about your services and hoping to send them your way when they’re ready! Thanks again, have a lovely weekend.

Nicholas, March 2023


Stress and drinking too much

Thanks so much for my session today, I can't believe I was able to shut my mind off for an hour and feel so relaxed. I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm so glad I decided to give it a go.

Clinton, August 2023


Motivation to exercise, and focus at work

Thanks for the session. I've been for a morning walk last 2 days. Have woken twice at night thinking I want to get up and walk but it's too early!...3:30am! Then at 6:20am no effort to get up! A long time since this has happened. Also exercising before doing client work by walking around 2 blocks and have been able to keep doing the 'boring' and concentrating and wanting to get it done! Your magic has worked. 

Mark, July 2023


Anxious feelings

In two sessions you really shifted the unsafe/anxious feelings I was experiencing. So thank you so much for that. I felt they definitely made a difference - as if my brain was being tweaked to behave in a better way.

Jen, May 2023


Quit Smoking

I just wanted to pass on my gratitude for the quit smoking session you ran with me. It’s been 30 days smoke free today and $982 dollars saved! Just wanted to thank you so much for helping me quit and improve my life. I’ve told a few people about your services and hoping to send them your way when they’re ready! Thanks again.

Nicholas, March 2023


Reduce drinking

So pleased I came – feels like a reset for my mind and being a visual person it has helped me generate and hold onto that image of my future self and goals. 


Long way to go but happy to say not considered drinking really at all and when it comes to mind its quickly dealt with. I have been in this position before being very strong in mindset and slip back so need to keep up the focus. 

Nathan, November 2022


Quit Smoking

Just wanted to send you an email to thank you. During my hypnosis session, I remember thinking ‘this is ridiculous, geez I’d like a smoke right about now’, BUT I am now 27 days smoke free so I don’t know how you do it but you definitely do it!! 


So thank you, I feel so much better and know I am already healthier and wealthier and just a teeny bit grumpy at times 😂 I have no desire to smoke and even having my partner smoke doesn’t make me want one. 


Keep up the amazing work, I will definitely be recommending you if anyone ever says to me they want to quit smoking.

Meagan, September 2022



Many thanks for your time today. I’ve done a fair bit of work on myself over the last few years but our session today really unlocked something. 

Sarah, August 2022


Motivation to exercise and eat well

I feel fabulous after the hypnosis. Different, that probably sounds strange. Woke twice last night, but able to go back to sleep which is a first. Feel strong in my core. Feel strong in general.

Belinda, August 2022


Quit Smoking

Just thought I would drop you a little msg just to let you know that I am doing really well with the non - smoking having a few anxious moments now & again but doing breathing excercises & that takes the urges away.

Deborah, March 2022



Thank you so much for your work. My son sees a psychologist fortnightly and she is very good and we are very happy with her support but what you do for us is just beautiful and far more attuned to Jason's needs. Thank you so much for your work with us.

Therese, March 2022


Quit Smoking

Thank you for your help and just to let you know I'm still an  ex-smoker. You're awesome and I recommend you to anyone needing the  

kind of help you provide.

Mitch, November 2021



Thank you, I have had a great response to the initial session. Looking forward to the next.

 Scott, October 2021


Teenage Anxiety

So far my daughter has been a new person since seeing you. She said after her appointment that she felt like her brain has had a wash.

Allison, October 2021



I recommend Awaken Hypnotherapy without reservations. Louise's insight and her 'hi-tech tools' (spoken about in her video) was enough to give me confidence in myself where I had deep traumatised attachments. Looking forward to my next dental appoinment now!
Anne, October 2021


Letting go of the past

I think my session went well. I woke up from a dream with ex in it but not emotional and even struggled to remember his name at first and can’t even remember what dream was about which is really unusual for me with dream usually so clear when I think about him like emotions from here removed and push him aside. that’s how it appears anyway.

Lisa, August 2021


Sugar addiction and losing weight

Feeling great! Have lost 2 kgs!! Have not touched sugar since the session! Exercise is still slow...but im so happy with my progress! Have not brought my lunch once, and have been saving that money. Thanks again for changing my life into a healthy and happy one

Kristy, July 2021


Quit drinking and Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

Thank you for the great session yesterday and all of this additional information, it's been extremely beneficial for myself - and I can recognise myself in both links! I wouldn't have known that my symptoms that are matching with RSD actually had a name or were a thing, my whole life I've been so confused why I get so worked up or offended. 


I just wanted to let you know, I have been seeing people, seeking help or answers for a very long time and within the hour I spent in your office, I was actually listened too for the first time. Thank you, I feel like I'm on the path to some answers finally. 


I'll make a new appointment over the weekend online, looking forward to never drinking again. 

Jess, July 2021


Migraines, stress eating & money blocks

Thank you so much. I’m very grateful to have had your support to have some massive realisations and now guidance moving forward. I’m noticing changes already especially with the negative thoughts around my money. 

Kiara, May 2021


Quitting Smoking

Hi Louise I just wanted to send a message to thank you, and let you know I have not touched a cigarette since I seen you on the 3rd of March. I am so happy. Easiest attempt I have ever had quitting. You are awesome

Kristy, April 2021


Focus and determination in business

I just wanted to give you a bit of feedback… Although at times I thought I wondered if this was working (sorry) I can say now in retrospect that your method works and has also really helped me big time! :)


I feel more focused, more determined, and more not wanting to deal with business that doesn’t value my expertise!


So I just wanted to say thank you for your knowledgeable and professional take on helping me rewrite my subconscious hangups.

I also know that it is an ongoing and organic process so I’m sure I will be back in down the track, but for now thank you in helping me with that push!

Hendrik, February 2021


Racing thoughts and anxiety

Thanks very much for today Louise, I really enjoyed it and I'm definitely feeling better. I'm much calmer and my racing thoughts are gone. Thankyou!!

Josh, January 2021


Sleep issues in a child and motivation issues in a Mum (mentions my kids audio sleep stories at www.sleepylou.com) 

Thank you SO much for the SleepyLou story. My son has gone to sleep with no one laying with him or him calling out and feeling scared for 2 nights now. I also tried the tickling technique and other positive tricks to snap from fight to flight. He is sleeping through the night too. He knows your name and asked to "see" you last night and this morning. I showed him your picture and he listened to a little bit of the video on your website; it was so cute to see his little smile when he saw you and heard your voice, 


I used the 'Motivation to exercise' for myself last night, I will continue to use it and the others you have sent to me. I am LOVING it! Thank you so much.

Jess, January 2021


Anxiety in a child

Thank you for the hypnosis recordings & yes we both felt very relaxed after our session yesterday. my daughter listened to the recording at bedtime and she was able to get to sleep easier and sleep more soundly. It was a very wonderful experience for us both. She has entered her first swimming trial, this Saturday, since her anxiety made even the thought unbearable. We are hoping she can overcome her anxiety and it will be  a positive experience for her and she us able to enjoy her swimming and competition again. We look forward to meeting with you again. 

Andrea, December 2020


Reducing alcohol

Since my visit, I have had two wines. I enjoyed the drinks when I had them, but strangely I am not craving them at the moment and am just having soda water which is satisfying me.  I’m not sure if I’ve adopted a different mindset (you could probably tell me that) or if it’s just determination to overcome this. Thanks for the session, I am feeling a lot clearer about things for the moment

Tanya, October 2020


Chronic Pain

I have had a number of hypnosis sessions with Louise and these have played a very important role in supporting me to work through long term chronic pain. Louise is a wonderful listener and the way she tailors the session to specifically meet individual needs has been the reason I keep coming back. She’s even been able to assist me with the growth of my small business and working towards my business goals! Thankyou Louise.

 Claire, March 2020



I confess I was nervous when I had my first appointment with Louise. But she is such a lovely person, so calming and reassuring. She has helped me so much. 

Stephanie March 2020


Helping kids sleep

Last year we finally decided to try a weighted blanket for our 9 year old who found it difficult to unwind and also to sleep through the night. I approached Louise as being local I could feel and try the weight of the different blankets in person plus be given professional advise/experience. Along with the blanket we were provided with sleep stories to help relax my son and ease him in to a deep sleep. Without exaggeration Awaken Hypnosis & Coaching Launceston transformed my sons sleep! Now 6 months on he puts himself to sleep each night and sleeps through consistently. I can’t recommend enough at how much this combination of weighted blanket and sleep stories have helped us. I only wish we visited Louise sooner!

Jane, March 2020


Releasing Blocks

Louise holds space for you to relax and let go beautifully. My husband and I have both had sessions with Louise and found her treatments very beneficial. She is very good at targeting the core concerns and helping you to understand what your blocks are and subtly allowing your body to release them. Louise’s soothing voice should be bottled and dispensed to everyone!

Katie and Jim Oct 2019


Chronic Pain

Louise, thank you so much for your recordings, they have changed my life. Having had a stroke and in constant pain with little sleep for nearly 5 and a half years, I wasn't enjoying life. I am reducing pain medication and yet still have pain. I was at my wits end to finding a solution. One night of listening to your recordings made a huge difference. I've been listening to them for over a week and my sleeping has improved waking up with far less pain throughout the night. I'm certainly going to suggest your work to others in my situation. Thank you so much!! 

Saran,Nov 2018


Life challenges

I highly recommend seeing Louise she is such a beautiful, kind person and with her hypnosis sessions she has helped me with numerous life challenges. In each session I have been to her I don't think I have ever been that relaxed. Even if the hypnosis wasn't amazing I think I would still come just to pass out in that chair of yours and listen to your lovely voice! Thankyou so much for all your help X

Hannah, April 2016


Longer Sleep

Was brilliant Louise - in bed by 745pm apparently out to it at 8pm woke up at 630am 😴 maybe I should have done the insomnia workshop 😊 recommend get in & give it a go.

Rachel, April 2018


Deeper Sleep

Thank you for yesterday - I am implementing some of the pre bed steps, have found the setting on my phone to dull the lights so see how that goes tonight. Last night I slept better only waking once & then I used the breathing in for 4 out for 5 and managed to go back to sleep fairly easily (even had a dream) So I am sure over time using your techniques and the session from yesterday things will improve.

Vicki, April 2018


Fear of Needles

My 11 year old (with cystic fibrosis) is doing really well and I believe that he benefited greatly from his hypnosis sessions with you relating to his needle fears.  Hewas admitted to hospital at the beginning of this year for 2 weeks IV treatment and was able to have finger prick blood tests for the first time without massive hysterical episodes! It was amazing! He also allowed a nurse to show him a needle up close, which he has never been calm enough to do either. For this we thank you so very much. We will be coming back before he is due for his annual blood test in April.

Donna, Launceston 2018


Free from smoking 

Wow, what an amazing experience last Thursday was for me. I can't thank you enough! And not one cigarette. I feel much more at peace also.

Fiona, March 2018


Public speaking confidence

Just wanted to share.  The wedding was fantastic, the reception even better and my speech was almost flawless and made lots of people cry... Couldn't have gone better and I am so glad I found you in time. 

Kevin, Launceston 2017 


Freedom from smoking and exercising more

Hi Louise, yes all good here! I’ve definitely noticed some responses to situations that you focussed on, and its all very positive. That switch I referred to has most certainly been clicked into the right position. I’ve seen people smoking in the street and without realising it, or it being a conscious thought, I’ve felt sorry for the person, then a reaction of revulsion at the taste of a cigarette. Its definitely touched something on a sub-conscious level. Anyway, I’ve not had a single smoke, or even thought about it, since I saw you, so just over 2 weeks now! And I’ve been happier to walk the dog. Today my partner and I did a hour and half trek around the Gorge, and my energy levels are great.

Phil, Launceston 2017


Losing weight

Thanks Louise, I've dropped 8kg since I've seen you one on one. I was doing the low carb, and after seeing you one on one, I had no trouble what so ever giving up things, my favourite Sweet Chili sour cream chips which I would have at least twice a week, I have eaten them once... It felt bizarre. Still the craving is not there... Magic!

Maree, Launceston 2017


Decreased anxiety and drinking

You have done so much for my husband, and given him back himself, I could never thank you enough!

Melissa, Launceston, 2017


Fear of needles

I just wanted to let you know how my injections went the other week. I ended up listening to the recording you sent me, and it helped so much. It was the best I have felt about getting a needle than I can ever remember. I still felt a bit dizzy afterwards, but apart from that all was good. Thank you very much for helping me out with my phobia, I think that I can deal with the issue a whole lot better now.

Emma, Hobart, 2017


Better sleep for mother and daughter

Hi Louise, Just wanted to thank you for sharing the Riverbank meditation recording with me. It is now part of my bedtime routine and successfully clears my busy mind and completely relaxes me every single listen. I've shared it with my 10 year old daughter who loves it too. It feels so wonderful to be able to truly relax. Thank you!

Beth, Sydney 2017


Focus and motivation

I attended a group session on Transform Your Body & Feel Great with Louise, which I found extermely helpful and I felt motiviated. I booked a one-on-one session for assistance with my business. I needed help with my brain chatter, procrastination, organisation of my office and business in general.  What I have found since this session has been amazing, I am more focused, organised and empowered. Louise is excellent and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a busines boost.  Also her after session assistance has been excellent with follow up emails and recordings that I use daily to reinforce. 

Vicki, Launceston, 2017


Free from smoking

I sincerely hope your ears haven't been too burny this week Louise... I have been talking about you heaps, how awesome you are and how wonderful my hypnosis sesh was. Hopefully my dear ones will get their skin in the game and become clients too 😉

Rikki, Launceston, 2017


Relaxed during medical procedure

Just wanted to let you know thanks to your wonderful hypnosis sessions on the day of the procedure I was calm as a cucumber!I would never have coped without your hypnosis! THANKYOU!!

Bronwyn, Launceston 2017


Quitting soft drink & losing weight

In the six weeks since your workshop I've quit my four can a day Pepsi habit completely, and I've lost 19cm. Thank you!

Adrienne, Launceston, 2017


Free from smoking 

I'm feeling good and love the fact I don't need a smoke. 

Kim, Launceston, 2017


Confidently speaking to an audience

Hi Louise. Sorry for the delay in replying, I was running a professional learning session! Amazingly I have been able to stand in front of large audiences and speak coherently and have even been enjoying the experience. I do still get nervous, but I now have strategies and I'm now at a stage where I just take a deep breath and launch into it. I'm also not overplanning or even thinking/worrying about the session before hand. Absolutely amazing results for me. A huge thank you. For me it has been transformational and allowed me to think about roles I would never have contemplated. So no small impact on my life. Thank you.

Michelle, Launceston, 2016


Free from seasickness

I just wanted to let you know that I journeyed to Melbourne on the Spirit on Saturday xx November which was the day with the 35+ knot winds in the strait. No sea-sickness at all (well maybe a little bit of nervousness and I did use the strategies we discussed to remain focussed). On the way back the seas were much calmer and I enjoyed a few drinks with my husband and a good night’s sleep whilst dreaming of being gently rocked in a hammock. Thank you for your work. You are an absolute miracle worker.

Deb, Launceston, 2016.


Free from smoking

Going very well, no cigarettes, not even when having a few beers, and no desire for them!

Mick, Bridport, 2016


Improved sporting performance

I thought you might be interested in an update on my touch football performance since our last session. I had a game later that same evening and I scored 3 tries, which is equal to my best ever performance, including scoring the first try of the game in the first 30 seconds.  We had an excellent match and lost by only 2 points to the top team in our division. The next game I only scored 1 try but I set up about 4 scores for other players. This evening was our first game after Christmas and I scored the only 2 tries for our team in the first half and assisted with 2 more in the second half. I am now the second top scorer for our team this year with about 6 games to go.


I have done some mental preparation before each game, relaxing and visualising myself doing well in the match. Thank you for your assistance, I have had some really great games as a result of your assistance.

Dean, Launceston, 2016


Freedom from stress

From the moment I walked in the door, I felt calm and comfortable. I have a busy life and needed help with stress. Louise immediately made me feel at ease and my active mind turned off. She knew how to get to the route of my stress and has helped me find a way to deal with it. I've never felt so relaxed. I highly recommend Louise and I can't wait for my next session.

Belinda, Launceston, 2016


Social anxiety & public speaking (wedding and funeral)

I have had 4 sessions with Louise now dealing with 3 different issues. I had a treatment for anxiety prior to my wedding in 2012 and I have never felt so confident and in control. Louise did 2 sessions with me before I delivered the eulogy at my mums funeral. I didn't think I would be able to do it without going to pieces but on that day it felt completely easy and natural. It allowed me to grieve in my own way privately after, but not on that day. Amazing.

Renae, Launceston, 2016


Deeply relaxed

I arrived at my hypnosis session not really knowing what to expect, I had always been intrigued. Louise made me feel very relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. I was in control throughout the session and found it very helpful. Almost 2 weeks have passed now and I can honestly say I have benefited and seen results from my session. I'll be back for more .

Jane, Launceston, 2016


Motivation to get things done

I have had a number of sessions with Louise now and always get an excellent response. Last time it was to deal with procrastination - just love how within a few days I am buzzing and getting things completed that I have persistently put off. Thank you Louise for getting me on track.

Vivienne, Launceston, 2015


Speaking confidently to an audience

Public speaking has always been an ordeal for me and something I usually try hard to avoid. I sought help from Louise to prepare for a presentation I had to give at a business seminar. After only 2 sessions with Louise I was ready for the presentation. My talk went amazingly well. I had people come up to me afterwards and congratulate me on a great presentation. Normally this situation would have been extremely stressful for me but I felt relaxed and confident in the lead up to it, and calm and in control throughout. A fantastic result, thanks Louise!

Dean, Launceston, 2015


Free from smoking 

I'm going really well. Have not had a cigarette since being hypontized. I have moments where I forget I don't smoke but never really feel like one.

Angela, Scottsdale, 2015


Stopped biting nails

I had been biting and picking my fingernails for over 30yrs, a habit that caused embarrassment and pain it was that bad. Like many I was sceptical, but open to trying something new. After just one session with Louise, from the moment I walked out of that room I haven't picked or bitten my fingers since, the inclination or whatever it was, is simply no longer there, absolutely remarkable, I highly recommend this as an option to overcome bad habits.

Chris S, Launceston, 2015


Free from smoking

Have not had a cigarette and don't even think about smoking and all the bills are paid. Great feeling. Thanks so much. I'm feeling fresher, more energetic, and richer!!

Dyana, Launceston, 2105


Weight Loss

I have been very satisfied with 3 meals a day, I am not picking in between meals at all and my portion sizes are much more under control, best of all I am not ever feeling deprived or that I am on a "diet" I have lost 7 kilos, my clothes loose, I have gone down to a size 14 but best of all is not puffing and my hip and knee much improved walking the golf course. 

Sue, Launceston, 2015


Free from smoking

Will never smoke again..am very positive thanks to you. 

Dean, Launceston, 2015


Self sabotage around money

Session was even better than expected. Perfect timing for the way Louise works. Very fluid, respectful, knowledgeable. Amazing - we worked on an issue that I didn't even know could be helped with hypnotherapy. She's got so many tools and resources that she draws upon and facilitates the sessions with mastery over what she's using. She also isn't afraid to follow the organic flow of the session.   Lexi, San Diego, 2012


Free from old fears

Louise was a fabulous listener. She heard what I was saying and understood. The hypnosis visualizing how to distance myself and gain perspective was a gift! Louise was very attuned to the information I gave her and seemed to read my mind in the hypnosis. Barbara, San Diego, 


Releasing anger about a relationship

I wanted to feel more relaxed about the current situation and I did. Louise was excellent. She was kind, I really felt like she was interested in hearing my story. And she asked the perfect questions. The Gestalt Therapy and the induction were both amazing. This was a great experience, I was really surprised with the new insight I received, I really believe this will make a big shift in my relationship. Jennifer, San Diego, 2013


Deep relaxation

I thoroughly enjoy the sessions and believe they are very beneficial. The level of relaxation is more than I can explain. It is like a mental or psyche-massage. I enjoyed all of it, but the benefits from the first session a few weeks ago were so profound that I am looking forward to the moments I feel the session (tonight) working in my day tomorrow.

Deanna, San Diego, 2012


Wedding day confidence

The hypnosis was FABULOUS.  I have told so many people.  The hair and makeup girls, the girls from the wedding venue and the photographer all commented on how relaxed I was and I said 'I have had hypnotherapy!'  I even did a re-enactment of the hypnotherapy for my pilates instructor yesterday!  So thank you so much, it made a huge difference to the day. 

Renae, Launceston, 2012


Stop self sabotage

I have often thought about what success would mean (and look like) but I have seldom looked at why I might be holding myself back.  By verbalizing them I am more aware of my fears and can look at them logically, and see what is illogical about them. The imagery of being held back from flying with heavy chains was powerful, as was the idea that while I found my ability to fly I was no longer tied to the ideas/perceptions/judgments of family and friends.  Gave me a visual representation of how I have been holding myself back as well as made me more aware of the thoughts I am subconsciously holding onto that are not serving me.

Christine, San Diego, 2014


What people have said about my hypnotic workshops



I must say. I haven't eaten chocolate since before the workshop. Even though there was choc biscuits and chocolate cake in the tea room at work yesterday I didnt have any desire for it. I work where there is a lot of Easter eggs too. The exercise part I still have to work on. But not having to have an anticid in 4 days is a win for me.

Naomi , April 2017


It was great. Thanks for having me... ran 4.03 km in 35 mins on the treadmill today

Donna, April 2017


Very relaxing. I was nervous beforehand but felt very comfortable. Nice environment. Having a very productive day today thanks Louise. I really loved the workshop yesterday..... thankyou.

Mia, Launceston 2017


Feeling positive and motivated - thank you - awesome experience.

Gina, Launceston 2017


In the six weeks since your workshop I've quit my four can a day Pepsi habit completely, and I've lost 19cm. Thank you!
Adrienne, Launceston, March 2017

Thank you for the wonderful session today. I got a lot out of it and hope this lovely relaxed feeling lasts a little while longer."

Christine, Jan 2017


"Thankyou so much for today! I didn't get a chance to catch you before I left. I certainly feel relaxed and am looking forward to continuing at home with the downloads."

 Emma, Jan 2017


(Would you recommend Awaken Hypnosis workshops to a friend or loved one?) "Absolutely! I know others that would really benefit."

Anon, Jan 2017


"The options provided allowed for flexibility and adoption of personal preferences. Very personable approach. It was a very helpful workshop. Thank you Louise for your gentle, calm and thoughtful approach."

Anon, Jan 2017


"Anxious about coming but when here not at all....Very beneficial. Some strategies that I will implement".

Sue, Jan 2017


"Very professional, relaxed environment, non-judgemental"

Christine,  Jan 2017


"First hypnosis was excellent, also found worksheets inspiring and positive"

Anon, Jan 2017


"It made sense, positive, squash that negative! Thank you, I really enjoyed it"

Anon, Jan 2017


"Calming/relaxing. It was great!"

Anon Jan 2017


I found it quite relaxing, and not knowing what to expect was interesting. I liked the feeling I got when you told us to come back to our body like pulling feeling, the feeling of heaviness was surreal!"

Melissa, Jan 2017


"This was great thanks Louise, highly recommend it to everyone"

Lisa, Jan 2017


"I really enjoyed this afternoon Louise. So relaxing. Clever kind girl. X"

Lindy, Jan 2017


"I had the best time today Louise thanks so much xxx"

Fran, Jan 2017


"It was great Louise thanks!"

Tash, Jan 2017

What people are saying about Bliss: Hypnotic Relaxation class

"Thank for your a wonderful relaxation session. I really enjoyed it!"

"Thank you for today, I'll be back it was fantastic!"

"Most chilled and awesome 30 minutes of my Friday! "

"Friday sessions are the perfect way to end the week and ease into the weekend. Thanks Louise, they're great! "

"It is fantastic!"

"I've been talking this up all week and judging from the response and how many attended last week, I think you're going to need to put on another weekday class."

"Love it! Have loved my 2 classes so far. Thank you"

"Its amazing how being silent and at peace for just half an hour can make you feel wonderful "

"Thank you Louise for a wonderful 30 minute relaxing break. Highly recommend this class. I will be back for more as I went back to work relaxed and rejuvenated."



What people are saying about my hypnotic recordings


I listened to the anxiety relief recording last night (when I woke up at 1:30am and couldn't get back to sleep) and it was wonderful. I relaxed and was able to fall asleep easily after it ended. I might have even fallen asleep during the recording!

 Dina, Arkansas 2017