Bliss Lounge Launceston

A wonderful new way to relax.

A new relaxation destination, for when you want, or need, to relax deeply.


Imagine a tranquil lounge area with four comfortable recliners, separated by privacy screens. Each recliner is equipped with a sound and light system (with Brainwave Entrainment software for very deep relaxation).


Included is a choice of Hypnosis recordings or audio books. The Hypnosis recordings will be effective for anxiety, motivation, sleep, habit change, and much more.


*The benefits of Hypnosis

*PLUS Brainwave Entrainment (sound and light technology) to relax you like never before

*Like a massage for your mind (or meditation without the effort).


The recordings you can choose from will include

* Sleep deeply by the ocean (great for insomnia)

* Motivation to exercise (great for any form of exercise)

*Release Anxiety (not only releases anxiety but helps to reduce comfort eating/drinking)

*A Calm Clear Mind (perfect for focusing and memory)


The lounge is a peaceful place, and I am there to ensure you are comfortable at all time. Unlike a private session, recordings are used, and there is no coaching or counselling involved. The Brainwave Entrainment software ensures you will relax deeply, even if you have a busy or anxious mind. Each session is 30 minutes.


These sessions would be a way for you to relax deeply and experience some of the benefits of Hypnosis without needing to wait weeks for a private appointment, and at a third of the price .


Where: Level 1, 127 George St (the Wellness Centre above Bikram Yoga Launceston)

When: Next Bliss Lounge sessions are on Sunday 26th May, 10am-10.30am (sold out) and 3.30pm-4pm (sold out)

Cost: $30 per person

How to book: To book your seat, click the button below, click on ‘classes’ and look for ‘Bliss Lounge’. You can also book by calling 03 6700 0350


Feedback from the Bliss Lounge


Very relaxing, feel like I have had a good night's sleep.

Scott, December 2017


Dedicated relaxation time and mental space - I really looked forward to my appointment. Chairs, scent, soundtrack all very soothing. Great to be able to come after work. Love the tea.

Edwina, December 2017


The chairs were very comfortable, I was able to shut everything out and feel so very relaxed. My mind still wandered a couple of times but just so easy to flow with it all again. The tea is delicious too. Louise's voice is so soothing & relaxing.

Mandy, December 2017


Very calming, clearing the mind. 

Judi, December 2017


Calming, relaxing, tea, gentle wake up.

Sue, December 2017


The Bliss Lounge is a very peaceful environment, where even though you are with others, you are not aware that they are there. Thank you for the opportunity to 'Bliss out" in your new environment. I didn't want to leave.

Vivienne, December 2017


It is a wonderful safe space that allows you to relax and be yourself (chairs and blankets add to the relaxation). Privacy maintained. No rushing, time to awaken after. Beautiful herbal tea to complete the treatment. Great for people who are time poor.

Mel, December 2017


I like the fact that it made me feel the most relaxed I've ever felt in my life. Truly amazing experience, would love to come back.

Chloe, December 2017


It was beautifully relaxing, I feel amazing. Thank you x

Glenice, December 2017


Quiet room, easy to relax

Gary, December 2017


First time I've been relaxed in weeks.

Dorothy, December 2017


A moment for me to "stop" "rest" and "recover". I like that it's easier to access quicker when you feel you just need some extra support to clear the mind, reaffirm new habits. I will definitely use the lounge between 1:1 sessions. Thank you!

Sheena, December 2017


Very relaxing, super comfortable, loved it.

Tracey, December 2017


Very welcoming, friendly, lovely environment, limited people.

Mandi, December 2017


The comfy chairs and the lovely space; the tea! The smell is relaxing too. Wonderful 'me' time. Super relaxing.

Susan, December 2017


The chairs were comfortable. I was able to shut everything out and feel so very relaxed. My mind still wandered a couple of times but just so easy to flow with it all again. The tea is delicious too. Louise's voice is so soothing and relaxing. 

Mandy, December 2017




The 'changing a bad habit' content was great, very positive. (I enjoyed) The relaxation chair and the special glasses. The idea and concept and the pleasant/friendly hostess!

Rebekah, December 2017


It was very relaxing. I will come again.

Shelley, December 2017


Very relaxing. I really enjoyed it. 

Dani, December 2017


Relaxing, could do with friends.

Mia, December 2017


I found it very relaxing and the audio was extremely effective.

Mae, December 2017


Relaxing, professional and supportive environment.

Kim, December 2017


(I liked) the calmness and care. The chair was very comfortable. 

Louise, December 2017


Relaxing chairs! Feeling quite relaxed and did feel I could drift away. Seeing purple and grey colours moving in and out as you talked about letting things go. The petitions between the chairs is a great idea. The tea is lovely too. Thank you

Debbie, December 2017


Wonderful comfort. Exactly as described. Even in a group it still felt like a very personal session.

Emily, December 2017


Louise was relaxing, from the moment I walked in she made me feel at ease. Being completely unaware of what to expect, this was something I will do again and soon. I feel very different walking out and in a good way, thank you. 

Dee, December 2017


I found the Bliss Lounge Session super relaxing. A lovely way to spend 30 minutes - I feel rejuvenated!

Sonya, December 2017


The background 'noise' made me so relaxed. I felt like my body was sinking into the chair and amazingly and comfortably heavy. The 'clear mind ' tape gave me great mental pictures and skills.

Toni, December 2017


Light, peaceful, welcoming. Fluffy blanket!

Louise, December 2017


Great environment, lovely rooms, easy to relax uninterrupted. You would not know there were others in the room. I think the glasses really help to stop your mind from wandering.

Sherry, December 2017


Very relaxing and calming! A perfect way to de-stress. Great gift idea!

Sharon, December 2017


Very warm and relaxed, even before the relaxing began.

Lauren, December 2017


Very calming, clearing the mind. 

Judi, December, 2017