Weight loss Hypnosis - does it really work? A tale of 3 clients...

Hypnosis is great for weight loss but it's not always straightforward. If you're curious about the kinds of results you might see, and how I approach weight loss with my clients, keep reading!


Client 1

"My family calls you the wizard", I heard from a beautiful client in Launceston this week. We both agreed it was better than being called a witch! The reason? She has lost 11cm from her waist and 9cm from her chest in just over a month. (We high fived!) She told me she now had amazing 'won't power' and had found it effortless to say no to the cakes and chocolate in her workplace.

I see results like this all the time from my clients, both male and female. Increased energy, strong willpower, better sleep and looser waist bands. Client one is now finding it easy, and the weight loss will hopefully allow her to postpone back surgery - one of her main motivators for losing weight.


Client 2

On the flip side, another weight loss client has seen great improvements in her anxiety and confidence. She's appreciated having someone to talk through issues with, and she likes the Hypnosis. But she hasn't really lost much weight (if any) and doesn't have energy to exercise consistently. I suspected this beautiful lady had Sleep Apnea (something I often notice while people are Hypnotised). After a sleep test she was finally been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, along with some other potentially serious health issues. Her sleep will be dramatically improving soon. I expect the weight loss benefits of the Hypnosis to take effect once her health issues have been treated.


Client 3

A client came to me wanting a Hypnotic Gastric Band. I never do this on a first appointment, because to be honest, there's usually other issues that need dealing with first, like emotional eating, stress, late night nibbling etc. After seeing some good results from the first appointment, I performed the Gastric Band in the second appointment. The client came back a month later, not having lost much weight, though they were eating smaller portions and feeling very positive.


As the client had gotten to know me, they were now more comfortable opening up about their life, and they revealed that if they woke up in the night (which happened often) they would eat a bowl of ice-cream before falling asleep again. I don't think she even realised she was doing this some nights until she discovered the empty ice-cream container the next day.


Ice-cream is a 'slippery food' as anyone with a physical Gastric Band would know. It can slip right through a physical band and in this case it could also slip right through a Hypnotic Gastric Band. Once we broke the night time ice-cream habit,  the weight just melted away effortlessly!


Client 1 had an outcome that I see regularly. Clients 2 and 3 are (extreme) examples of how Hypnosis can't overcome your basic human needs. If you are constantly sleep deprived or unwell, or sleep eating, or drinking a bottle of wine a night then trying to get up early to exercise or to cut calories can be really difficult, and often counterproductive.


Less extreme examples of this are people who come to me wanting to 'get up at 6am and go running', but who are already stressed and sleep deprived. Yes, I can get them running, but first I'm going to get them sleeping better and feeling calmer about life. Otherwise the running just becomes another drain on their already low energy.


I am always honest about what Hypnosis can achieve and I take a holistic approach to your wellbeing. Putting a sick or exhausted body under more stress by trying to lose weight, usually fails. I always talk about sleep and stress with weight loss clients, and I keep an eye out for any potential health issues that could sabotage your progress.


Clients with health issues can still make amazing progress, it just might take a different path than the one that you expect! If you have any questions please contact me. I'm always happy to chat!