Free Resources for Changing Your Emotional State

If you want to be happy, or relaxed, or free from a bad habit, being able to choose your emotional state is essential. Happily, many of my clients notice that after a Hypnosis session or two, they don't have to 'try' to relax, or 'work' to control cravings, it just happens naturally. However we all have times when we need a mental break or a way to ease into relaxation.


I've compiled some great videos with a hypnotic quality that you can use whenever you need to let go of an emotion you don't want. These all work better if you add some slow breathing. Try breathing all the way in, holding it for a few moments, then breathing all the way out again. Do this until you feel yourself calming down, while you enjoy the hypnotic images. If you love them (or hate them) or have some to recommend, please let me know at 


p.s. the occasional  pop up advertisement is thanks to Youtube, unfortunately I can't remove them, sorry!


Relaxing Drawing Video




Slow Motion Ocean with relaxing music




Hypnotising Patterns on Wet Clay