Stop 'Shoulding' on yourself! Hypnosis for happiness.


The world is full of images and ideas of who we 'should' be and how we 'should' feel. Not only should we be healthy and fit and well rested, we should have successful careers, a gorgeous home, a loving partner, and quiet loving children. But not only that, we should make achieving all of this look effortless!


Social media can really reinforce this, because it shows beautiful lives, but not the struggle or the work behind them.


I regularly see clients in Launceston for hypnosis who think they should:

  • Be able to force themselves to get up early to exercise (despite being exhausted)
  • Be confident and happy in all situations (just like they imagine everyone else is)
  • Have quiet, sweet, well behaved children (I'm pretty sure these are as rare as unicorns)
  • Be able to make their partner happy in every way (or have their every need fulfilled by their partner)
  • Be able to 'toughen up' and get on with life (despite feeling anxious and tearful a lot of the time)
  • Be able to just quit their bad habbits without any outside help (despite their bad habits being a crutch that is getting them through a tough time).

There are lots of 'shoulds' and when we don't live up to our shoulds, we judge ourselves as failures.


Hypnosis can help in a couple of ways. Firstly, we discuss what you think you 'should' have or be doing and evaluate if it's actually realistic. Do you really want that thing, or do you just think you should? Secondly, if it's something that yes, you definitely do want, then we can use hypnosis to get you there. Maybe the 5am run isn't achievable (yet) but we can get you started in some other exercise. Or maybe there are other ways to improve your life. It doesn't have to be black and white. And you don't have to be covered in a pile of should!


If you're wondering if hypnosis can help, then please get in touch. If you want to know more about hypnosis read these frequently asked questions.