Can hypnosis strengthen your love?

Can hypnosis improve your relationship? Can it bring back the spark you once felt? It sure can, I see it happen regularly.


I'm not talking about some kind of hypnotic couples therapy. I only work with couples ocasionally, and that's usually to help them meet a health or motivation goal.


I'm talking about the kind of improvement that happens in a relationship when one person feels happier. Let me give you some examples:


If one person is under a great deal of stress and not coping, the relationship can suffer.

If one person is dealing with their stress by drinking too much, or playing computer games all night, the relationship can suffer.

If one person is so anxious they can't enjoy the romance or family time, the relationship can suffer.

If one person has developed an unhealthy lifestyle that's affecting their body image, the relationship can suffer.


Anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, anger, smoking, drinking, insomnia, the list goes on. Anything that can affect the health and wellbeing of one person, can have a flow-on effect on the relationship. I'm sure you've seen this in action. It's hard to feel fun and free and romantic and spontaneous if one of you is suffering. That's why I'm never surprised when my clients mention that their partner is happier or they are enjoying more romantic moments now. It just makes sense.


So if you or your loved one aren't loving life right now, then I have a very comfortable recliner waiting for you.

To make it easier to fit this into your life, I have evening and weekend appointments available.


You can book an appointment right now at or during business hours on 03 6700 0350.


Get your love life back on track!