Sleepstories for Restless Kids



Tired kids, grumpy kids, anxious kids, kids that climb into your bed at night. What do you do with kids who won't go to sleep? Maybe they're anxious, hyperactive, worried about school, can't switch their minds off, can't get comfortable in bed, just want to stay up and play video games.....the list is endless. Sleep should be easy. It's natural! Yet so many kids never learn to do it well, or maybe they forget in times of stress. Perhaps you've tried audio books - they're too fast paced and exciting for sleep. Meditations - they're too boring for many kids. Sleepylou adventurous sleep stories are the solution.


Each story puts the listener at the centre of the action. But into the action is woven  the skills of emotional resilience, self calming, bravery, patience and much more. Don't worry, they wont even notice that it's helping them, they'll be too engrossed in their own adventure, that gradually leads them into a very relaxed state, and then into sleep. Try them and you'll see, just how easy sleep can be!