Workshops or one-on-one hypnosis - which is right for you?


If you've thought about trying hypnosis, you may have wondered whether it would be better to come to one of my classes, or have private sessions. Take a look at the key benefits of both below:

Groups/workshops/classes are great because:
*They cost less than a private session
*They usually run for longer than a private session so you will experience more techniques...
*You can bring friends and family with you, so you have accountability buddies or someone to share the experience with
*The group atmosphere can be really energising

Private sessions are great because:
*You can speak in depth about your own personal situation, and can feel comfortable discussing personal matters
*The whole session is tailored specifically to meet your needs
*The hypnosis itself takes place in a very comfortable recliner, many people love this experience, and come back over and over again
*You can have multiple sessions over weeks or months so you can continue to make progress and tailor each session to your needs

But if you're having trouble deciding, you don't have to! You can do both ;)

If you've like to see the workshops I have running at the moment,  click here.
If you'd like to read some Frequently Asked Questions about private sessions, click here

Feel free to get in touch if you are still not sure which way to go. I look forward to helping you.