Deck the halls with stress and worry!

What’s your ideal Christmas?

Growing up it may have been happy family, lots of presents, great food, and a long summer holiday free of responsibility. That was reality for many, but not all of us. What about now? Do you enjoy the festive season or is it increasingly stressful for you?

While Christmas is marketed to us by department stores and magazines as a shiny happy time full of magical family moments, beautiful meals and wonderful presents, the reality is often quite different. Particularly if it is you that is responsible for creating all the magic!


Do you feel an increasing pressure to create a perfect family day? Or perhaps it’s not just that one day, it’s the whole month of work drinks and children’s concerts and shopping and cleaning and wrapping and house guests and, and, and!


Or maybe for you it’s the fact that you can’t be with people you love or care about this Christmas season. There are many reasons you may feel less than festive right now and the pressure to feel a certain way (grateful, happy, carefree) is often one burden too many.


When talking to clients about ‘festive stress’, concerns usually fall into a couple of categories. Either it’s the pressure of being responsible for creating a wonderful carefree perfectly planned Christmas for everyone else (and the time and money it takes to do so), or it’s dread of spending hours (or even days!) in close quarters with certain family members who know just how to push your buttons.


Hypnotherapy can help in many ways in the lead up to Christmas. It can show you how to relax and sleep better. It can help you to gain the confidence you need to stand up to family and say no to some or all of the demands of Christmas. It can allow you to deal with any guilt you may have about breaking with tradition and simplifying your Christmas. It can also help you work through any resentments or difficulties you have with certain family members so any time spent with them is pleasant rather than a chore.


To find out more about how this year can be a happier, healthier Christmas for you, contact Cinergee to book an appointment with Louise White, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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